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Jesse McCartney Picture





Common misspelling: Jessie McCartney, Jesse McKartney; Jese McCartney, Jesse McCarthy; Paul McCartney's Son


Click here to listen to Jesse's song "Leavin'"

Given Name

Date of Birth

Birth Place

Jesse A. McCartney

April 9, 1987

New York City, New York


  • Jesse McCarney PictureJesse McCartney was born on April 9, 1987 in New York City, New York to Ginger and Scot McCartney. He grew up in Ardsley, New York. He has one brother, Timothy ("Timmy") Glover Mark McCartney (b. 1996) and one Sister, Lea Joyce McCartney (b. 1991). [Note: He likes to keep his middle name private - there are many good sources that say it is Arthur and other good sources say it is Adam]

  • He has enjoyed acting since a very early age and in 1994, at age seven he was in a national tour of The King and I and also had some other acting roles on and off Broadway (Oliver, A Christmas Carol, Annie Get Your Gun).

  • His other passion is music and his first group, the Sugar Beats, was nominated for a Grammy award for their self titled album Sugar Beats.

  • In 1998, he received his big break in television as Adam Chandler, Jr. on the daytime soap All My Children. He appeared on the show until 2001. During his tenure on the show he won the 2001 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Daytime TV Series - Young Actor and the 2001 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Drama Series - Supporting Young Actor. He was also nominated for the 2000 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Soap Opera - Young Actor, 2001 Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Child Actor, and the 2001 and 2002 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.]

  • In 1999, he joined the group Dream Street. Their album went gold and they even toured with Britney Spears in 2001. The band split in 2002 due to legal issues with the producers.

  • He never turned his back on acting and appeared in a movie in 2001 (The Pirates of Central Park) and a made for TV movie in 2002 (The Strange Legacy of Cameron Cruz).

  • In 2003, he hooked up with Sugar Beats producer Sherry Kondor and formed a new production company, Jump Ahead Productions. They then went to work on Jesse's solo EP JMac which contained three songs, "Beautiful Soul," "Dont You" and "Why Don't You Kiss Her." The EP was released in July 2003 followed by a short tour of him and his band [band members were: Dillon Konder (lead guitar), Pete Chema (bass guitar), Katie Spencer (keyboards), Sharisse Francisco (background vocals) and Karina LaGravinesse (background vocals). The album and tour were a huge success.

  • In 2004, he released his album Beautiful Soul and it went platinum by February of the following year.

  • Also in 2004, he turned back to acting and received the role of Brandin Westerly on the popular television series Summerland. He has returned for the 2005 season as well.

  • Besides the acting and singing, he is also a student.  He graduated from Ardsley High School in June 2005 which is close to his residence in Ardsley, New York.

  • He broke up with girlfriend Katie Cassidy in February of 2005 [Note: Katie is the daughter of actor/singer David Cassidy].

  • In 2005 he was on the Beautiful Soul tour which is making its way across the country.

  • In September 2006, he released his sophomore album release, Right Where You Want Me which went platinum.  He also started voicing characters in video games starting with Kingdon Hearts II, and has returned to do voices for a number of subsequent games in the Kingdon Hearts series.

  • He leant his voice to the animated movie Alvin and the Chipmunks as the voice of Theodore in 2007.

  • His third album, Departure was released in 2008. The highest it got on the Billboard 200 was the number 14 spot.

  • He continued lending his voice to animated movies in 2008 in films and DVDs such as Tinker Bell and Horton Hears a Who!  In 2009 he once again voiced Theodore in the sequel (Squeakwell) of Alvin and the Chipmunks – and also voiced it again for Chip-Wrecked in 2011.  He also had voiced a few other DVD releases in the Tinker Bell series (as Terance)

  • In 2009 he starred as a recurring actor in the role of Andy on the TV show Greek.  He also opened up for the New Kids on the Block during their concert tour of the US.

  • In 2010, McCartney started working on his fourth album, Have It All, which originally had a release date of December 2010.  He then decided to push it back to 2011, but began to work on new material for the album and it should be released in 2012.

  • In June 2011, he tried his hand in the perfume game and released a fragrance called "Wanted By Jesse."  He was also cast as the lco-star in a possible TV series entitled "Locke and Key" (as Ty Locke), but the studios did not pick it up after the pilot.

  • Hobbies and Interests: His hobbies include: playing baseball (and all sports - he was a pitcher on his HS team), skiing, surfing and playing video games (Xbox). His favorite music artists include Craig David, Linkin Park, James Taylor and the Beatles - but he will listen to anything that sounds good.  His favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.  His favorite food is sushi and his favorite movie is The Italian Job.


Biography by Ian Ripley, PopStarsPlus.com, Sr. Staff Writer


This biography may be copied in part or in whole for non commercial purposes online or in hard copy and must contain: (1) the name of the author, (2) the text "copied with permission from PopStarsPlus.com" and (3) a link to the page that contains the original biography.

Official Biography/Departure Press Release

Jesse McCartney picture“The record is called Departure for a number of reasons,” says Jesse McCartney, whose multi-platinum 2004 debut album Beautiful Soul launched his career as an international singing star. “There have been departures in my career, in my personal life. I’ve learned a lot since doing my first couple of records. I think I’ve landed in the most comfortable place I’ve ever been musically as the style of music, my vocals and the lyrical content of the songs on this album. I co-wrote several songs on the new album, and learned a lot from the producers I worked with. In the process of writing for my own project, I wound up writing “Bleeding Love” with Ryan Tedder for Leona Lewis. Departure has a little more of mature sound than what my fans previously heard from me but this is the road that I’m on right now and it’s the road that I believe they’ll join with me!”

With star writers and hit making producers such as Sean Garrett (Usher, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Pussycat Dolls, Chris Brown), Tricky & The-Dream (Rihanna, Mariah Carey), J.R. Rotem (Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, 50 Cent,
Rihanna) and The Clutch (Omarion, Timbaland, Ciara, Bobby Valentino), Departure has an edgier pop/urban sound than Beautiful Soul and Jesse’s sophomore album, 2006’s Right Where You Want Me reflecting Jesse’s growth as a songwriter and young man. “When it was time to do my third album, I wanted people to see another side of me. I wanted the record to have a little retro hint sonically but with a my own contemporary feel - I listened to the music of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince a lot before we started the album. I knew I had to present myself in a fresh way so I was open to other people’s ideas and suggestions, especially since I was working with such great writers and producers.”

As the co-writer of many of the album’s songs, Jesse chose to share the experiences he’s had since Beautiful Soul made him a household name throughout the U.S. and in a dozen or more countries, from Italy to Japan. “I recorded my first solo album when I was 16. A lot has happened since then and this new album reflects my experiences growing up over the past couple of years and various stages of family and personal relationships. I bought my first home. I’ve been fortunate enough to tour all over the world which meant being away from my family and friends for very lengthy times. I’ve experienced all the ups and downs of relationships people my age go through. That’s why I think fans who’ve grown up with me will relate to the songs on Departure, many of which do have an autobiographical feel.”

A prime example, the standout cut “It’s Over” which Jesse says “represents the reality when you know a relationship is not going to continue.” The edgy jam “How Do You Sleep?” was inspired by a conversation Jesse had with writer/producer Sean Garrett during sessions with the hitmaker in Atlanta about “moving on from your first true love.”

On a completely different tip, “Into Ya” – another collaboration with Garrett – is “a sexy, intimate, sensual, romantic kind of song.” In contrast, the hard and funky track “Freaky” (produced by Madd Scientist) shows Jesse in a whole other light, a dance-flavored uptempo cut that Jesse laughs is “about whatever you think it’s about!” “Rock You” which features a performance by Sean Garrett, a cut that Jesse says was “a stretch for me. I heard the track and I was like, ‘that’s fire!’ I can’t wait to perform it live. I hope when my fans see how much I embrace this different side of me musically, their ears will adjust!”

The album’s first single, the instantly memorable pop/R&B-flavored “Leavin’” (produced by Tricky and The-Dream, the team behind Rihanna’s 2008 Grammy award winning hit “Umbrella”) is one of the few songs on Departure that is not autobiographical, Jesse says, while “My Baby” (produced by J.R. Rotem) comes directly from one of Jesse’s relationships: “I wrote that about the ‘puppy love’ stage I went through when I first got together with an ex-girlfriend. Wherever we went, whatever we did, all eyes were on her – she was that girl! It was cool, I didn’t worry about it because I knew at the end of the evening, she was mine. She knew how much I cared about her….we were just super tight.”

Produced by New York-producer Eric Hudson (who Jesse describes as “a young Quincy Jones”), “Told You So” is a mid-tempo cut that Jesse says is “more about situations that my friends have told me they’ve been in after a relationship is over. You know, when I’m sitting around with the guys, we talk about things we’ve been through. Same thing with “Runnin,’” which is something guys go through sometimes when a girl gets really intense and tries to push a relationship to the next level. Guys get scared, you know! Our guard comes up…we’re scared of maybe getting our hearts broken.”

With his third Hollywood Records album, upstate New York-born Jesse McCartney is building on a foundation that began when he first started performing at local community musicals at the age of seven, making his Broadway debut in “The King and I” when he was ten and later appearing with The Who's Roger Daltrey in “A Christmas Carol.” In 1997, Jesse joined kid group Sugar Beats as a vocalist, earning a Grammy nomination for “Best Children's Album” for their 1998 release How Sweet It Is. He then joined the band Dream Street where, at the age of twelve, he was presented with his first platinum album.

At sixteen, Jesse launched his solo career, creating songs for his first record while performing on dozens of soundtracks. Released in 2004, Jesse’s debut album Beautiful Soul sold over 1.5 million copies, while the first single of the same name burned up the U.S. charts while topping the charts in Australia, Italy, the Phillippines and Taiwan, making "Jesse Mac" a household name in the teen world. Of his global appeal, Jesse notes, “It’s been surreal, going to countries where people know me, know my parents’ names, even know my pet’s name! I’ve loved all the places I’ve been but one of my favorites is Italy because it’s a very romantic country. And Japan is so futuristic. Traveling worldwide has definitely been a life changing learning experience. It’s interesting to learn about other cultures and meet people from different places.” Jesse performed to sold out crowds in Europe in 2005.

Jesse also racked up a number of awards and nominations including an American Music Award nomination for “Best New Artist,” an MTV Award nomination for “Best Pop Video” and three Teen Choice Awards, including “Choice Male Artist,” “Breakout Artist” and “Crossover Artist.”

Being on the road for eight straight months gave Jesse the impetus for his second album, Right Where You Want Me, released in 2006 which drew from Jesse's life-long love of R&B artists like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Lauryn Hill while expressing a more rock-flavored side of his musicality. It was, he says, “a step forward from Beautiful Soul, to show some growth and maturity" and working with guitarist and musical director Dory Lobel, he co-wrote all but one of the songs on the album.

Expanding his professional horizons, Jesse appeared on the hit television show “Summerland” and in the filmed his first feature, “Keith.” In 2007, he was heard as the voice of Theodore in the box office smash, “Alvin & The Chipmunks,” an experience he says he thoroughly enjoyed. While working in the studio for his new album Departure, Jesse wound up writing songs for other artists: “Bleeding Love,” a powerhouse
ballad co-written with Ryan Tedder (of the group OneRepublic) was picked by music industry veteran Clive Davis as a single for singer Leona Lewis, winner of Britain’s “X Factor” (the U.K. equivalent of “American Idol”), becoming one of 2007’s biggest hits in Britain. “It was very intense for me as a songwriter to have Clive pick one of my songs and then to have it be such a huge success. It has certainly encouraged me to write more for other artists.”

While establishing himself as a successful songwriter is certainly in Jesse’s future plans, his current focus is his latest album. “I spent over a year on Departure and I’m thrilled with how it turned out,” says Jesse, a self-confessed sports fan who enjoys football, baseball, snow-skiing and water-skiing when he’s not working. With songs like the infectious “Make Up” (“a song about natural beauty”), produced by Kwame; the upbeat “Relapse,” the story of a man hooked by a ‘hard-to-get’ woman (based, Jesse says with a smile, “on a personal experience when I was young and naïve!”); and the beautiful ballad, “Not Your Enemy,” a big production track that demonstrates Jesse’s vocal power and strength, Departure reveals Jesse has arrived with new confidence and maturity.

Jesse reflects, “The last five years have been a whirlwind: I feel like I’ve dealt with it well because I’ve had so much support, especially from my family with whom I’m very close. I can never take credit for all that’s happened in my career because I couldn’t have done it on my own - my fans all over the world have been so loyal over the years. Departure represents a new start for me, a new sound and this is a part of me the fans haven’t been exposed to yet… This music really is my passion and I’m ready to get out there and share it!”

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2004 2005 2006 2008 2012

Album Title

Beautiful Soul Live: The Beautiful Soul Tour Right Where You Want Me Departure Have It All


1. She's No You
2. Beautiful Soul
3. Get Your Shine On
4. Take Your Sweet Time
5. Without U
6. Why Don't You Kiss Her?
7. That Was Then
8. Come to Me
9. What's Your Name?
10. Because You Live
11. Why Is Love So Hard to Find?
12. Stupid Things

1. Without U
2. That Was Then
3. Because You Live
4. Good Life
5. She's No You
6. Best Day Of My Life
7. Take Your Sweest Time
8. Why Don't You Kiss Her?
9. What's Your Name?
10. The Stupid Things
11. Beautiful Soul
12. Get Your Shine On

1. Right Where You Want Me
2. Just So You Know
3. Blow Your Mind
4. Right Back in the Water
5. Anybody
6. Tell Her
7. Just Go
8. Can't Let You Go
9. We Can Go Anywhere
10. Feelin' You
11. Invincible
12. Daddy's Little Girl

1. "Leavin'" 3:40

2. "It's Over" 4:09

3. "Rock You" (featuring Sean Garrett) 3:10

4. "How Do You Sleep?" 3:44

5. "Into Ya" 3:47

6. "Make Up" 3:54

7. "My Baby" 3:33

8. "Told You So" 4:03

9. "Relapse" 3:38

10. "Runnin'" 3:45

11. "Freaky" 3:39

12. "Not Your Enemy" 4:14



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  Ty Locke (pilot episode) Wes (1 episode)    




Jesse McCartney Beautiful Soul        




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