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Common misspelling: Regis Filbin, Reggis Philbin, Regis Philben


Given Name

Date of Birth

Birth Place

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin August 25, 1931 The Bronx, New York

Table of Contents

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The following biography is from Wikipedia.org “The Free Encyclopedia.”


Regis Francis Xavier Philbin (born August 25, 1931), is an experienced American talk show host whose career has included stints as a game show host and all-purpose television personality. Appearing on television since at least the 1960s, and confirmed by his Guinness World Record, he is consistently called "the hardest working man in show business." Regis' nicknames include Reege or Reeg, and Big Daddy.






Early life and career

Philbin was named after his father's alma mater Regis High School, a Manhattan Jesuit private school. Philbin grew up as an only child in an Irish/Italian household in the Van Nest/Morris Park section of the Bronx. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1953, served in the Navy, then went through a few behind-the-scenes jobs in television and radio before moving into broadcasting.


His first talk show was The Regis Philbin Show, on KGTV in San Diego, California. For budgetary reasons he had no writing staff, leading him to begin each show with what has become his hallmark, the "host chat" segment, where he engages his audience (and later on, his cohost) in discussions about his life and the events of the day.


Philbin gained his first national exposure in 1967 as Joey Bishop's sidekick on The Joey Bishop Show (1967-1969). Bishop liked to tease Philbin, but the teasing stopped after Philbin walked off the set during a live broadcast, and stayed away for several days.


Talk and game show success

He continued in several hosting and other television roles; by 1983 he joined Cyndy Garvey on The Morning Show on WABC-TV in New York City. The show became a hit after Garvey was replaced by Kathie Lee Gifford in 1985; it became nationally syndicated in 1988 as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.


In the 1980s, Philbin hosted Lifestyles with Regis Philbin on the Lifetime television network.


When Gifford departed in 2000, the show was named Live with Regis. Philbin would always have a guest co-host until an official replacement was found. It should be noted that officially as a solo talk show host, Philbin won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host, in 2001. This marks the only time that Philbin would receive such an award (thus far), with or without a cohost.


When Kelly Ripa was chosen as the permanent co-host in 2001, the show was renamed Live with Regis and Kelly. Philbin's and Ripa's chemistry has been proven successful, as the show continues today and enjoys high ratings.


Philbin set a Guinness World Record on his August 20, 2004 show, which gave him a total of 15,188 hours on television. The previous record holder for Most Hours on Camera was Hugh Downs.


In July 2005, rumors circulated on the cover of The National Enquirer that Philbin was fired from his talk show because he was asked to be let out of his contract. It would be difficult for him to be fired because of his extensive involvement with the show (as one of the executive producers, the other being Michael Gelman) and of possible backlash from his fans. However, if he decides to retire, it would be when he feels it's time to do so.


Philbin was also host of the U.S. network (ABC) version of the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (now in syndication and hosted by Meredith Vieira) and the special Super Millionaire series. His popularity and exposure were cemented with that show (see below). Should ABC produce more Super Millionaire specials in the future (presumably during sweeps periods), Philbin is expected to remain as its host. He also won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host in 2001.


In November 2005, ABC announced that Regis will host the network's revival of This Is Your Life, the announcement coming days before the death of its original host, Ralph Edwards.


Other notable appearances on television and film

Philbin makes regular guest appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman where he gives David Letterman no great help in controlling the show, being at the same time his usual urbane self and the "guest from hell" (being a fellow TV host), as they show a heartfelt respect for each other.


On December 31, 2004, Regis filled in for Dick Clark on ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve, as Clark was recovering from a minor stroke. Philbin said he interrupted his previously planned vacation to perform his hosting duties. In November 2005, FOX announced that Philbin will host that network's New Year's Eve Live special, directly competing with Dick Clark.


Philbin hosted The Apprentice 2 finale (December 16, 2004), and has co-hosted the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade with Kelly Ripa (2002—) and Kathie Lee (much of the 1990s)


On film, more often than not, Philbin appears as himself with few exceptions (see below). Here are a few movies where Regis appears as himself:


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) (film), 1972

Little Nicky, 2000

Cheaper by the Dozen, 2003

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, 2005


Written and musical works

In addition to being a television personality, Philbin is also an author and a singer, drawing on the success of his talk show.


Philbin's two autobiographies (with co-author Bill Zehme), I'm Only One Man! (1995) and Who Wants To Be Me? (2000), are written in the style of his host chats: conversational and anecdotal. The former follows a year (1994-1995) in his life, recalling, among other things: his personal life, his memories with celebrities, and work on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. The latter is a response to the success of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and deals with more antics about the show and his life.


As for his musical career, Philbin's style can be best described as a crooner, with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. He tested the musical waters with his 1968 pop vocal release, It's Time For Regis! After receiving poor reviews, Philbin was reluctant to record another studio album. But he occasionally sang on Live, usually in a duet with another person. After 36 years, he recorded When You're Smiling (2004), a more mature-sounding pop standards album. The Regis Philbin Christmas Album was released September 2005 according to Amazon.com but was made widely available in November in time for the holiday season. This album features several duets, with close friend Donald Trump ("Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"), Steve Tyrell ("Marshmallow World"), and wife Joy ("Baby It's Cold Outside" and "Winter Wonderland"). A special edition of the album was produced with tracks recorded with the Notre Dame Glee Club. He is said to enjoy the music recording experience more now than with his first time.


Personal life

Philbin has been married twice and has four children. He was married to Kay Faylan from 1955 to 1968, and remarried to interior designer Joy Senese in 1970. His children are Amy, Daniel (both with Kay), Joanna, and Jennifer ("J.J.") (both with Joy). Joy Philbin occasionally cohosts with Regis. On his show, he frequently brings up stories involving Joy, Joanna, J.J., or Danny; his ex-wife and Amy are rarely or never mentioned.


Regis Philbin in popular culture and other trivia



Philbin has a distinctive and excitable voice that is often imitated by others, usually in parodies involving him. Notable impersonators include: Darrell Hammond, Dana Carvey (both of whom have impersonated him on Saturday Night Live), Conan O'Brien, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, Frank Caliendo, and even Kelly Ripa.


He was cast as a car salesman on Hope and Faith, in part, because of his voice.


He was chosen as the voice of a minor character in Shrek 3: Mabel, the sister of the Ugly Stepsister (played by Larry King).


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

During the successful first run of the first American version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Philbin started a fashion fad when he wore dark shirts with dark ties—both in the same color—and dark suits, in a darker color, usually black. He even had a short-lived clothing line based on this look, called Regis.


In Millionaire, the phrase, "Is that your final answer?" is said repeatedly by the host, as it is required to verify a contestant's answer. As a result, that phrase has become Philbin's catch phrase which he adopted from Chris Tarrant.



Philbin follows the professional sports world extensively, especially baseball and football. He is an avid fan of the New York Yankees and a proud supporter of his alma mater, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. So proud, in fact, that Philbin narrated the two audio CDs that came with Joe Garner's book, Echoes of Notre Dame Football: Great and Memorable Moments of the Fighting Irish.


He is known to have trouble handling new technologies. He doesn't own a cell phone, use computers, and is frequently confused with operating electronics like remote controls and DVD players. It is often noted, however, that Regis doesn't completely reject the technology; he simply has Joy make calls and send e-mails for him.


The Philbin family had a cat named Ashley, who was blind in her final years.


Awards and recognition

May 2001: Daytime Emmy Award winner: Outstanding Game Show Host, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

May 2001: Daytime Emmy Award winner: Outstanding Talk Show Host, Live with Regis (tie with Rosie O'Donnell)

2001: TV Guide Personality of the Year

January 1, 2002: Grand Marshal of Tournament of Roses Parade

February 2003: Walter Camp's "Distinguished American Award" winner

April 10, 2003: Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

August 20, 2004: Sets Guinness World Record for "Most Hours on Camera"--15,188 hours

July 2005: PR.com "Best Celebrity Nickname" winner





2005: The Regis Philbin Christmas Album US: #74 UK: 163 (US Sales: 42,000)



2005: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (feat. Donald Trump) "you're fired and Rudolph you're hired"

2005: Frosty The Snowman






The above biography has been copied in part or in whole from an article on Wikipedia.org "The Free Encyclopedia."  It has been modified under the GNU Free Document License Section 5 in the following manner: (1) All links within the article have been removed, including text links such as "[#]"; (2) The "[Edit]" text and link have been removed [if you would like to update the article, you may do so from the original page]; (3) the table of Contents links and text have been removed; and (4) all of the sections of the original article have not been copied. All of the above text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Document License.

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